Art for sale (abstract)

Black planet

$180 ca

16 x 20 profile Flip cup technique.

Blue white

$150 ca

14 x 18  Dirty pouring

Green flow

$180 ca

16 x 20 Fluid art

Red river

$180 ca

16 x 20 Dirty pouring

Bright color 113

$50 ca

8 X 10 Fluid art

Blue spirit 114

$50 ca

8 x 10 Flip cup


Baby wolfs

One of my favorite, my baby wolfs!

PRICE: $200

The Ranch

This is a nice real place near where I live.

       PRICE: $180

The Beach

The winter we stayed at Amelia Island Florida, it was my first pic when we arrived!

PRICE: $320

Fernandina Beach

This one is for show, I'm planning to give it to the town of Fernandina Beach when we go back :)

Shrimp boat

Shrimp boat of Fernandina Beach.

PRICE: $180